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Miss and Mr. Bostwick Blueberry and Blueberry Court

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From left to right: 2019 Royal Court Alyson Hall, Hassel Skeens, Zachary McKinney, 2018 King Thomas Burch, 2018 Queen Arianna Null


From left to right: 2019 Royal Court Zachary McKinney, Alyson Hall, Kylie Eddins

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From left to right: 2019 Alyson Hall, 2018 Jr, Princess Belle Clarke, 2019 Kylie Eddins, Zachary McKinney, 

Miss and Mr. Blueberry Queen and King is not an on stage pageant this year. Mr. and Miss Blueberry is selected from the people in the community that felt that they are true representation of good character, High Morals. They go above and beyond and have at least 160 community service hours, at least 3.5 GPA They have to be a Jr. or Sr. They demonstrated high interview and social skills to represent the Blueberry Festival. They have to keep this high quality though-out the year while inspiring others to learn what true community service is. about. 

We are currently opening up a younger division and older division. If you feel you have someone please send a letter of why you feel he or she should be nominated.

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Joe Pierotti,

2023 Bleuberry King


Joe Pierotti,

2022 Bleuberry King


2019 Jr. Princess Payelyn Carter,

2018 Queen Arianna Null

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Jessica and

Lissette Mazcorro

Jr. Princess


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Sienna Malave

Jr. Princess


Payelyn Carter

Jr. Princess


Bella Clarke

Jr. Princess


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You Make the crown
shine your way.
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